How to Recover Data from SanDisk Ultra SSD?

Recover deleted & lost files from SanDisk Ultra SSD for free by using SanDisk Recovery Software. Click on the below download button to get the free download & installation of the software, and get back your lost/deleted files from SanDisk Ultra SSD in three quick & easy steps.

Solid State Drive or commonly known as SSD drive allows users to save a wide range of files in a very well-protected and efficient way. One of the advantageous aspects of making use of this Solid State Drive for saving files is that there is no platter on the drive and therefore there is no chance of any physical damage. Although the files on SanDisk Ultra SSD drive is stored securely, the data loss instances can encounter at any point of time. Certain unexpected events might make you lose vital documents, audio, video, pictures, etc. from the SanDisk Ultra SSD drive.

Circumstances leading to loss/deletion of files from SanDisk Ultra SSD

Accidental Deletion: Instead of picking unwanted files from SanDisk SSD, users end up in mistakenly choosing vital files for deletion. The important files get deleted due to such user actions.

Improper Ejection: Forcefully ejecting SSD drive while accessing files from it will lead to corruption of the SSD drive.

Unintentional Formatting: Each one of us are aware of what format operation does. Nevertheless, if you accidentally format the SSD drive then you will encounter complete loss of SSD drive data. You would also lose data with formatting Sandisk USB drive, SanDisk memory cards, and other external drives.

Error While Changing File System: Due to some reason you might need to change the file system of SanDisk Ultra SSD drive. If any conflicts arise during the conversion process then the SSD data will be severely affected.

Other Reasons: There are multitudes of other reasons that can cause data loss from SanDisk Ultra SSD drive like deletion due to some third-party software, corruption due to virus attack, interrupted file transfer, and many others.

Each of these problems can be easily resolved by the use of SanDisk Recovery software.

Use Sandisk Recovery Software to Recover Data from SanDisk Ultra SSD

SanDisk Recovery is a brilliant tool to retrieve data from Ultra SSD drives in a secure and convenient way. This SanDisk Ultra SSD drive data retrieval application employs a powerful recovery engine that scans and fetches all types of data from it. The program identifies all types of documents, audio, video, songs, and other file type formats with greater ease.

This application also helps you recover deleted files from SanDisk flash drive, memory cards, and other storage drives with ultimate ease. It also allows you to perform recovery of deleted or lost files from SanDisk Micro SD card used in the camera and other electronic gadgets within a few mouse clicks.

SanDisk Recovery application enables restoration of SanDisk Ultra SSD drive from all versions of Windows and Mac systems. The demo version of this recovery software can also be installed prior to purchase to evaluate the recovery results. Furthermore, upon completion of the scan process, the software displays a preview of the files retrieved from the SanDisk Ultra SSD storage.

NOTE: As soon as your files are lost/deleted from SanDIsk Ultra SSD, immediately stop using it in order to avoid overwritin of the files. If the lost/deleted files on SanDisk Ultra SSD are overwritten with new files, then it's highly impossible to regain those files back.

Steps to recover data from SanDisk Ultra SSD drive:

Step 1: Install the SanDisk Recovery tool on your PC. Then connect the SanDisk Ultra SSD to it.

Step 2: From the main screen options, click on Recover Files option.

Step 3: Choose the SanDisk SSD drive from the list of available drives and click on the Scan button.

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 4: Now allow the software to complete the scan on the SSD drive you selected.

Figure 2: Scanning for files

Step 5: Retrieved data will be displayed in a new window.

Figure 3: Recovery results

Step 6: Review the recovered SSD data and mark them for saving.

Figure 4: Preview Window

Step 7: Now mention a target drive to save restored SanDisk SSD drive data and click on the Save button.

Figure 5: Save Recovered Files

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