How to Recover Images from SanDisk SD Card?

  • The perfect tool to restore SanDisk SD card images in quick steps
  • Helps to get back images, songs, video, and text files that are lost or deleted due to various issues
  • Includes a deep scan mechanism to safely extract card data in their original format
  • Readily available to be installed on any edition of Windows and Macintosh machines



SanDisk is one of the world-leading storage device manufacturer brands. It manufactures various types of storage devices such as Solid-State Drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, etc. Even a small-sized memory card is capable to hold your important collection of data like photos, videos, audios, documents, text files, etc.

Besides all amazing features of the SanDisk memory card, users also face situations wherein vital photos get lost or deleted from the SanDisk Secure Digital memory card. Picture deletion from memory card is one of the most common problems faced by users across the globe. Let us talk some most frequent causes which will lead to picture deletion or loss from your SanDisk memory card-

Virus Infection: Virus and other malicious threats lead to damages to the SanDisk SD card files and thus result in image deletion.

Accidently Formatting: Mistaken format will completely wipe all the image files saved on the SanDisk memory card.

Improper Handling: Forceful ejection of the SanDisk SD card from the device and also improper user actions will cause deletion/loss of the image files.

Other Causes: Apart from these causes there are some other reasons such as card errors, file system corruption, bad sectors, etc. will lead to photo deletion from SanDisk devices.

Upon encountering SD card data loss issue due to any of the above-stated reasons, you might start searching for the best ways to regain SanDisk SD memory card data. Well, you can perform secure SanDisk image restoration using the top-rated SanDisk Recovery application.

The simplest way to retrieve SanDisk SD card images

SanDisk Recovery is the best-suited application to recover images after formatting, deletion, corruption, or inaccessibility of SanDisk memory card files with ease. The built-in efficient algorithm applies a deep scan the SanDisk SD card storage to extract all files from it. When the scan is complete, it allows the users to preview the recovered images. Furthermore, it recovers media files without affecting their original image quality. This amazing SD card recovery application is powerful enough to retrieve images and other media files (videos, audio, text, etc.) having any file extensions. This ready-to-use utility is capable to recover deleted files from SanDisk flash drive, all series of SanDisk memory cards and also SSD drives. To know more, check this page:

This robust SanDisk Recovery tool is available in a demo version. You can run the trial version of the program and preview the recoverable images. Also, this application is compatible with all editions of Windows and Macintosh OSX. Moreover, the Save Recovery Session feature allows you to resume the recovery process later after purchase.

Steps to Recover Images from SanDisk SD Card

Step 1: Run the SanDisk Recovery program on your computer. Then connect the SanDisk SD card to it.

Step 2: Select Recover Files option and then choose the logical drive representing the SanDisk memory card. Click on the Scan button.

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 3: The tool starts scanning the SanDisk memory card for the deleted, lost, or formatted data.

Figure 2: Scanning for files

Step 4: A new window displays all the images recovered from the SanDisk SD memory card.

Figure 3: Recovery results

Step 5: Now you can preview any of the image file items with a right-click, refer Figure 4.

Figure 4: Preview Window

Step 6: Mark the required images for saving.

Step 7: Lastly, choose a suitable drive location to save the recovered SanDisk SD card images. Press on the Save button.

Figure 5: Save Recovered Files

Note: You can also watch the detailed way to recover files from SanDisk drive using this video link:

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